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My first blog post!
November 22, 2008, 4:19 pm
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As I am addicted to my laptop and to the ‘WorldWideWeb‘ , it had to happen one day;
me‘ starting to blog!
And I guess, this is ‘the’ day! 

I do not really know where this is going to end (it might be very soon…),
but I guess the only way to find out is to start with it!
One thing I really do know, is that this blog will deal with my biggest passion;

In the first place, I want to do this for myself.
to put my ‘photographic view’ on life together.. 
to stimulate myself to go through former -yet unprocessed- pictures,
and at last, but not at least to challenge myself to make (& post) good(???) pictures on a regular base!

At the other side, making my shots public might result in other advantages;
I am very hungry to  improve my photographic skills on any level…
so, any critical comment or hint is more then welcome… Just shoot!

Hope I (and you) will enjoy the following!

One to start with:

FC Split

Kids' soccer in Split, Croatia  

Some kids playing soccer in the historical centre of Split, Croatia.


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Good luck! Your pictures are great.

Comment by mike

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