LiVe For Photography:

Club69 K’s choice

Last Friday I was one of the lucky bastards to enjoy an exclusive K’s choice gig for only ’69 x 2‘ persons in the small marconi-studio of  the belgian radio station StuBru.
I was really blown away by their performance -once they are on stage, their energy level  is incredibly high- and I really wanted to enjoy the show itself. Nevertheless; I also took some time to take a few front row pics!

More pics of this set you can find here


From start to finish

Since I am passionate about both ‘sports’ and ‘photography’, I am evidently  interested in photographing sport events. In this blog post you can find the photo series I made of the Cross in Betekom a while ago.

Although I don’t have much experience in this very specific branch of photography yet,  I aimed this time not to make only the ‘traditional’ sport images.
I tried to play around with lines and shadows, expressions and typical things.

I choose Black & White for uniformity of the series.
Also in my opinion; patterns, light, expressions, … come out better without the distraction of color.

Thanks for looking, feel free to comment!