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Since I am passionate about both ‘sports’ and ‘photography’, I am evidently  interested in photographing sport events. In this blog post you can find the photo series I made of the Cross in Betekom a while ago.

Although I don’t have much experience in this very specific branch of photography yet,  I aimed this time not to make only the ‘traditional’ sport images.
I tried to play around with lines and shadows, expressions and typical things.

I choose Black & White for uniformity of the series.
Also in my opinion; patterns, light, expressions, … come out better without the distraction of color.

Thanks for looking, feel free to comment!



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The way you compose the second to last photo to illustrate the mud is very effective. Makes me miss the days of being a kid and being able to just get muddy.


Comment by somethingnewplease

Apart! Sport zie je niet vaak in zwart wit, maar het heeft wel iets.
Vind het vooral in de eerste komt erg mooi uitkomen met die schaduwen!

Comment by Dirk Mariën

Thanks for your comments!

Comment by LiVe

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