LiVe For Photography:

Vienna on the streets

Final post about my trip to vienna;
few shots of those little things on the street which dragged my attention…

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Time flies…

I can not believe it’s been such a long time… Past months passed more quickly then ever! I guess the more busy your days are, the more quickly time goes by.
Nevertheless, my intensions are nice. I am gonna pick up this blog again, starting with this post!

I’ll start with some rather typical shots of Wien, which I visited few weeks ago.

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At the end of the tunnel…

Busy, busy times…


Let’s hope there’s some light at the end of the tunnel!

moved by movements

moving staircase?

escalator 2

or a moving world?


the inseparable two

the inseparable two

These two, walking along the quay dragged my attention. I was touched by their resemblances.
For instance their corresponding color palette. 
Both walking in the same rhythm, connected by the dog lead…


Contrasts on the street

Yesterday, for the first time I tasted  of a ‘new branch of photography’,  for me at least. I took my D50 and went to a nearby city, called ‘Mechelen’,  in search for something interesting to shoot on the streets’; ‘STREET PHOTOGRAPHY’. At the moment a very popular branch of photograhy (in Belgian blogland 🙂 ). For example, the blog of  the young, but very promising photographer Arthur Eranosian is worth a visit. The blog is in dutch, but the pictures (e.g. here ) speak for themselves!!

Enough talking for now,
walking the streets I had to keep an eye open for “extreme contrasts” and “antagonisms” which I could put together in one single  picture. (a task for school)

By hazard, the three situations I picked involved some bikes…
take a look and tell me if  you can find the contrasts! 


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