LiVe For Photography:

Black Ferns

I found these ferns  along the waterside in a park.  The shadow and light pattern on the leafs dragged my attention.
The sparkling reflections of the light on the water serve as an ideal background using a small DOF. In post-processing I converted the images into black & white to give the pictures an almost graphical appearance


A Dandelion’s Life

Macro shots of the different phases in the life cycle of a dandelion. Shots taken on a cloudy day using the Nikon D300 combined with the Sigma 150mm 2.8


Some pics I shot of the ‘BigBandLier’ during the last repetition of  the Havana club concert which was held in Lier the day after. Continue reading


Recently I took some pictures of a welder in action.

I wanted to make use of the ambient light as much as possible because I wouldn’t lose the “action” of the welding.


I like the blue light & the blue colors combined with the yelowish sunlight in the color picture. However, I realy wanted to post a black&white version of an other shot aswell.


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moved by movements

moving staircase?

escalator 2

or a moving world?


The San people of Ghanzi (4)

san 7

Little san girl, playing with some straws while her parents searched for edible plants. 


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Dark portret (2)

domschaduw 3

from the same shoot with the same purpose ; namely a dark portret with a dominant shadow
but with another lighting set up!

What do you think?