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Black Ferns

I found these ferns  along the waterside in a park.  The shadow and light pattern on the leafs dragged my attention.
The sparkling reflections of the light on the water serve as an ideal background using a small DOF. In post-processing I converted the images into black & white to give the pictures an almost graphical appearance


Walk in wintertime…
January 5, 2010, 5:37 pm
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with my new Sigma Macro lens (150mm/2.8).

I was looking  (read:gazing) already a while for a real macro lens. After reading a couple of reviews (among other the one from Sam Mannaerts), I decided to go for the Sigma 150mm which should combine ultimate sharpness and a nice DOF.

Here are some results of my first experience outside with this wonderful piece of glass!

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Old syrup factury (inside) III

A few other pictures from the same factory. This time I wanted to take a closer look ar all the objects which are only touched by the light for many, many years…


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