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Light on architecture

A few years already I am following digital  photography classes at the academy of Leuven.  With the start of the Easter Holiday’s, I have completed yet another term. And yess,… I have passed!

The themes and tasks we have to deal with are very divers, from portraits outside to object photography in a studio set-up. I didn’t show much of the pictures I made for school on this blog so far. Let’s change that from now on!

For the ‘Architecture task’ last term we had to photograph a building in its environment. We had to correct the image in postprocessing to keep the vertical lines vertical.

After I had chosen this building of an industrial site in Mechelen, I decided to go back at sunset to take -more or less- the same picture in totally different light circumstances.

As you can see, not a single spotlight was used to light up this building at night. I know it is impossible to light a building like with small off-camera flashes. Nevertheless, being in an experimental mood, I tried to give the building a small ‘light-accent’. I put on the self-timer (I gave myself 20 sec to reach the building) and pointed my SB600-flash at the parts I wanted to be ‘in the spotlight’. I hope you can notice!

Contrasts on the street

Yesterday, for the first time I tasted  of a ‘new branch of photography’,  for me at least. I took my D50 and went to a nearby city, called ‘Mechelen’,  in search for something interesting to shoot on the streets’; ‘STREET PHOTOGRAPHY’. At the moment a very popular branch of photograhy (in Belgian blogland 🙂 ). For example, the blog of  the young, but very promising photographer Arthur Eranosian is worth a visit. The blog is in dutch, but the pictures (e.g. here ) speak for themselves!!

Enough talking for now,
walking the streets I had to keep an eye open for “extreme contrasts” and “antagonisms” which I could put together in one single  picture. (a task for school)

By hazard, the three situations I picked involved some bikes…
take a look and tell me if  you can find the contrasts! 


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