LiVe For Photography:

Black Ferns

I found these ferns  along the waterside in a park.  The shadow and light pattern on the leafs dragged my attention.
The sparkling reflections of the light on the water serve as an ideal background using a small DOF. In post-processing I converted the images into black & white to give the pictures an almost graphical appearance


Just Green Leafs

A Dandelion’s Life

Macro shots of the different phases in the life cycle of a dandelion. Shots taken on a cloudy day using the Nikon D300 combined with the Sigma 150mm 2.8

From start to finish

Since I am passionate about both ‘sports’ and ‘photography’, I am evidently  interested in photographing sport events. In this blog post you can find the photo series I made of the Cross in Betekom a while ago.

Although I don’t have much experience in this very specific branch of photography yet,  I aimed this time not to make only the ‘traditional’ sport images.
I tried to play around with lines and shadows, expressions and typical things.

I choose Black & White for uniformity of the series.
Also in my opinion; patterns, light, expressions, … come out better without the distraction of color.

Thanks for looking, feel free to comment!


The rhythm of light

Another triptych I made for photography classes. This time I had to photograph the same object on exactly the same spot with exactly the same point of view only changing the lighting setup in the studio. This way different characteristics of the object had to come forward in the different photographs.

can you notice  the suggestion of motion of the pendulum due to illumination with the pilot light?
In the first photo I wanted to show the varnished wooden surface. It reflects the light of a softbox placed at the right side at the back.

In th photo above I created a silhouette by illuminating the background evenly to accentuate the specific form. To make the object recognizable, I created a very small strip light to make the logo and pendulum visible.

In the last photo harsh backlight illuminates the contours of my object. Using reflector panels I created sufficient light to make the metronome recognizable.

If one is interested to see them side by side; just click!

Strobist portrait of girl scouting

This portrait of a girl scouts group (Belgian youth movement) was made using off camera flash. I underexposed the environment to create a more dramatic background. An SB600 flash with diffuser (on a too low -I know- ) light stand was used as a fill light.

Light on architecture

A few years already I am following digital  photography classes at the academy of Leuven.  With the start of the Easter Holiday’s, I have completed yet another term. And yess,… I have passed!

The themes and tasks we have to deal with are very divers, from portraits outside to object photography in a studio set-up. I didn’t show much of the pictures I made for school on this blog so far. Let’s change that from now on!

For the ‘Architecture task’ last term we had to photograph a building in its environment. We had to correct the image in postprocessing to keep the vertical lines vertical.

After I had chosen this building of an industrial site in Mechelen, I decided to go back at sunset to take -more or less- the same picture in totally different light circumstances.

As you can see, not a single spotlight was used to light up this building at night. I know it is impossible to light a building like with small off-camera flashes. Nevertheless, being in an experimental mood, I tried to give the building a small ‘light-accent’. I put on the self-timer (I gave myself 20 sec to reach the building) and pointed my SB600-flash at the parts I wanted to be ‘in the spotlight’. I hope you can notice!