LiVe For Photography:

Roadtrippin’ USA

“Let’s go get lost
Anywhere in the USA”

Road straightaway to Big Bend NP (Texas)

highway to death valley

Road ending in the middle of Death Valley NP (California/Nevada)

Road through Yoshua Tree NP (California) at sunset


Kyoto, Traditional

While visiting the Kiyomizu Temple complex, we were lucky to walk into two traditionally dressed Geisha girls which were posing for some  ‘real photographers’.

One of the next days, we witnessed  the beginning of wedding in traditional Japanese clothing.

That’s it for now!

Kyoto, the temples

The Golden Pavilion. This is one of sacral places Japanese schoolchildren  visit during their education.  Although this magnificent building is located in the middle of a park at the shore of a lake, due to the overflow of visitors it is rather hectic than quiet over there. Continue reading


Kyoto, Japan

A lot (and I really mean ‘a lot’) of travel pictures are waiting for me to select and process them. Time is the issue…
But I am glad to say that I finally managed to go through the pictures I took in Japan last year! I spent a couple of days in Kyoto for other business, but ‘before and after’ I had the chance to visit some of the magnificent temples and pavilions in the green surroundings of this big city.

certainly more to come!

Vienna in between the lines

I was really really impressed by the overwhelming architecture of the old city centre of Vienna. One great and well maintained building next to the other.
Endless possibilities for architectural photography.

Although, I ‘d rather tried to focus on remarkable details, to play with lines, …to keep it simple!

I hope one can appreciate;

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Birds in Vienna
June 22, 2009, 10:05 pm
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as you can see… just a couple of city birds:

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Horses in Vienna

Horses are everywhere in the old town centre of Vienna. Unfortunately, In most cases they are ‘misused’ as a touristic attraction.
A positive counter side, I was able to make following shots!

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